Sneaky ways to get children to write.. 

Often I’m asked by parents if they should be worried that their children aren’t interested in writing. 

Firstly don’t worry not every child will be interested in the same things, secondly always remember: LEARNING THROUGH PLAY… If you always think about the play, the fun, what sparks your children’s interests then you can add some of the sneaky ways I’ve found that work an absolute treat when to it comes to encouraging them to write! 

Clip boards are fantastic!  Add them to construction areas, home corners in fact any where you like.

At nursery we have them all over, the children love using them as part of their imaginative play.

Lists – they love to make lists, shopping lists are awesome. When you are planning on going to the supermarket get your children to write a list, it might be random squiggles, they might want to draw pictures of the food they want- but it all helps them to develop their writing skills.

If they do start to take an interest in writing, don’t think those random squiggles are meaningless. Over time those squiggles will get less squiggly and they might be written in lines, from the left to the right of the page, these are key signs that your children are learning how to write and that they understand that words on paper have meaning! 

Have fun! 

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