We’re going on a …..

Bear hunt, bug hunt, colour hunt, number hunt, transport hunt!!

I love “We’re going on a bear hunt” it’s a great story that children can learn quickly due to its repetitive structure!

The children at nursery love to go on a bear hunt… You can really bring the story to life by printing off some bear paws and hiding them around your nursery, house or garden!

Then hide a teddy bear somewhere and let the bear prints lead them to it.

Inspired by the bear hunt success at nursery, I knew they would love to go on hunts for all different types of stuff!

I created a number of sheets on word. It’s so easy to do.. Just choose the topic; for example colours and put different coloured splodges on the page with the colour name written underneath them and add a little box under each one. At nursery I laminate them, the children use whiteboard pens when going on the hunt- you can then wipe them and reuse!

Then off you go, a clip board always comes in useful! You can go on a Colour hunt in your house, around your garden or when your just out and about. As your child see’s the colour they can tick it off!

You can make the same style of sheets for numbers, shapes, bugs or transport!

Your children will be:

  • Noticing features in their environments;
  • Recognising colours, numbers and shapes;
  • Expanding their vocabulary and developing their listening and attention skills.

You can also create sheets that are geared towards your children’s particular interests.

I visited Woburn Safari Park the other day here is the wild Animal Hunt I created!

At nursery we also use this fantastic Mini Beast Hunt sheet from www.primarytreasurechest.com

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