Meet Carla… Space Explorer!

I’d like to introduce you to Carla… Space Explorer!

Children should believe that they can be whatever they want to be!!!

I think they’ll be more to come from Carla…

Have a fantastic Friday everybody…

Look up at the sky at night,
Do you see those flashing lights?
They might be stars or planes in flight,
But don’t forget about the satellites!

Satellite 9 is worth a mention,
So sit tight and pay attention,
Because this satellite is searching for a,
Super splendiferous space explorer!

It’s searching for budding astronauts,
From the very day that they’re born,
Checking to see if they have what it takes,
To survive in the environment of out of space!

One such girl who caught there eye,
Was Carla Simpson from Pearl Way Drive,
She’s always shone out from all the rest,
But why does Carla seem the best?

Well since the age of 2 years and 1 month,
Carla has managed to eat all her lunch,
Not complaining about anything being green,
Enjoying a selection of vegetables and meat.

She’s shown other talents such as great hygiene,
Brushing her teeth as part of her daily routine,
Brushing her hair, keeping her room spic and span,
And helping her Mum and Dad out whenever she can.

But most of all Carla just loves to explore,
Knowing an adventure can be found behind every door,
She makes the best out of every situation,
And this is why she received a very special invitation.

It was on a Tuesday in the month of June,
The letter arrived and Carla knew,
That whatever was inside was going to change her life,
Perhaps because it said this all along the side!

She carefully opened the envelope and read out aloud,
“Carla you have been selected to come aboard,
The training space explorer ship name Cancord,
You’ve been observed and we all agree,
That you’ve got what it takes to explore the galaxy”!

The rest was a blur as Carla started to scream,
“Mum, Dad come quick you have to come see,
Finally I’ve been spotted, no longer ignored,
You must help me pack I’m off to explore”!

Her Dad said “Calm down Carla, we need to look in to this”,
So they dialed the number on the given contact list,
10 minutes later when Carla could wait no more,
Dad said with a grin ” well Mum she’s really off on tour,
Of Space, the Galaxy, the Milky Way,
Our little angel, I never thought I’d see the day”!

He also added an extra dimension,
Something the invitation had failed to mention,
That they’d all go along and explore together,
Hardly your average family adventure!

The next morning they followed the directions on the invitation,
And soon arrived at a field just round the corner from Oxbury Station,
And within seconds, out of the sky came the most amazing sight,
The Cancord space explorer training ship in full flight,

After it had landed, out of the door,
Came a friendly looking lady by the name of Eleanor,
She shook Carla by the hand and said,
“We’ve been waiting for forever to come and land…

To meet a girl with such great explorer potential,
Is amazing, terrific and completely essential,
We need to start the training straight away,
So please follow me to the family bay”.

As they walked on the ship, Carla knew for sure,
It was her destiny to explore,
And as the count down began from 10 down to one,
There was no turning back for the fun had just begun!

Her mind raced with ideas of what she might see,
In there journey across the Galaxy,
Aliens, stars and planets, what else was in store?
Well you’ll have to join us next time to find out more,
To discover how their lives will all be changed forever,
So come along if your brave enough and we’ll all explore together!

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