The exciting life of…. 


Oh yes.. I’m talking about the beauty of turning a simple flimsy bit of copier paper in to a glossy, reusable, long lasting show piece!

As I spent 5 hours yesterday morning (on a Saturday #committed) laminating a variety of children’s pictures, I pondered on life without a laminator!

Literally 5 minutes later and it broke! After a frantic plea to super hubby.. He dashed off to Staples to buy a new one! 

I genuinely couldn’t do without a laminator at nursery.. We laminate the children’s names and photos in a variety of sizes for pegs, registration, key worker boards and allergy place mats.

We encourage new children’s parents to bring in a selection of family photos that we turn in to family books and then add them to the book corner, they really help to settle the children in to nursery. 

We also encourage the Pre-schoolers to make up their own stories, we normally have to write the story as they tell us it, but then they add pictures, then of course we laminate them so they last!

We create “having fun in nursery books” which have lots of photos of the children joining in on all the fantastic activities my awesome team provide.

We also have created some garden health and safety checklists for the children. There are photos on them; a box of tissues, a photo of the slide nice and dry and the gate locked at the black of the garden.  There are little boxes by the photos so that they can go around checking off the potential risks and discuss what might happen, if for example the slide was wet!  We laminate these to so we can reuse them!

We’ve also mounted some different photos of animals with the caption “can you draw a…” We’ve laminated them and popped them in the writing/mark making area to encourage them to draw with a purpose in mind!

In a previous setting the ladies laminated leaves and added them to water play, the children loved it and it opened up loads of conversations about different parts of the leaf.

However note to self; you can not laminate the following:

  • Sticks
  • Bumpy textured collages
  • Sticks (yes we tried more than once) with berries on!

Although the berry laminating disaster of 2013 led to the laminator never quite working the same way again, it did smell of Ribena for about two weeks after!

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