Reasons I Love Charity Shops!

Lets just take a moment to look at the wonder that is charity shops to someone working in early years.

When I’m a parent I think I’ll love them even more!

Last weekend I spent an hour walking round a fine selection of charity shops and found numerous wooden bowls, jugs, a pestel and mortar, a complete a-z puzzle, 101 play dough cutters (in its original bag I may add) and a small post box (25p!!!!) . A total spend of £22.74 #bargain!!

So in summary here are some beautiful reasons why charity shops are so awesome.

  1. You save an absolute fortune- always look for stuff in charity shops first.
  2. The posher the place the better the charity shops.
  3. It’s a shoppers dream – my husband always asks me when I’m going shopping; “what are you looking for?” 99% of the time I don’t know, I’m just looking, charity shops are prime spots for “just looking” shopping sprees.
  4. Bragging rights – yes I did just purchase a large solid oak bowl, a pestel and mortar, a handcrafted wooden cutting board and 4 metal dishes for £6.50.
  5. The volunteers in the shop- I love chatting to them. They give up their free time to work in these shops and their customer service skills are always fantastic.
  6. You are supporting charities. 
  7. You are encouraging others to support charities (check bragging rights at number 4)
  8. Inspiration – sometimes I know what I am looking for,  but sometimes I see something that inspires me to develop an area at the nursery.

Thank you charity shops!! I love nothing more than spending a Saturday going on a bargain hunt!  

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