Growing Together

Dear Big Pig and Piglet,

Sometimes when I look at you both in the morning, I swear you have literally grown overnight.

There’s a subtle change; length of hair or the way your arms stretch further round me when you give me a hug.

Or there are the unsubtle ones the ones we’ve been working on together. Piglet you are saying so many more words and piecing together short sentences.

You can sing along with my crazy singing,  I’m quite delighted you learnt how to sing Daddy Cool; just those two lyrics mind you but you have got it pegged!

Big Pig your behaviour consistently improves and you are trusting us more; not only with yourself but with Piglet. Your kind heart and ways amaze everyone you meet. You genuinely care very deeply about things which is very tough for you at times but it makes your soul so beautiful.

I’m changing too, I’m definitely not as hard on myself,  I give myself a break (sometimes).

I wanted to thank you both for that. I genuinely think you both are making me a better person.

You’ve also cemented my thoughts on family and friendship.

Friendships develop and change over time and my true friends have adapted to you coming in to our lives and welcomed you and fallen in love with you. They have listened to me cry and moan and they have reminded me of the post parent Ali, who I’m still allowed to be and they help with that.

My family, I’ll keep it short and simple (for once). They’re awesome. We’re lucky. We feel loved.

You can both in the space of moments drive me crazy and then as quickly be making me laugh and smile and feel so full of love my heart could burst.

I love you both so much.

Love Mum xx

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