Parenting and PMT

I struggle each month for 10-14 days with my PMT and then my period.

Recently after adopting my beautiful children I spoke to a councillor and we spoke a lot about my periods. She suggested keeping a diary, it has helped.

I often feel my period controls me, with a diary I have taken back some of the control.

I’ve also started weight watchers and really don’t want to enter in to the usual phase of giving up on the diet and giving in to the food cravings.

So with all that in mind here are the things that I have found have helped my mood swings and maintain my weight loss so far..

1) Avoid takeaways, they only make me feel worse. I’ve been using recipes a lot and creating my own. some recipes that have curbed by CFC’s (crap food cravings) are below.

2) Drink loads of water- no need to go on about this, I actually don’t like the taste of water so I add a sugar free juice. Or squeeze lemon juice in to it.

3) Reduce alcohol and caffeine- this I find really hard I cannot give up my coffee in the morning but I have found reducing alcohol consumption really helped with my moods.

4) Go outside, whatever the weather, take the kids out. Honestly 8 times out of 10 it makes me feel significantly better. The other 2 times I just wish I’d wrapped us all up in a blanket and made the kids watch the labyrinth for the 20th time.

5) Keep your sleep patterns regular- I set my sleep times on my fit bit and stick to it mainly. It’s helped a lot.

6) Do something nice for yourself. I know how hard it can be when you have kids and you just don’t have any time. But if you do get the opportunity even if it’s to have a nice hot bubble bath then do it.

7) Play happy music- I do this a lot.. if I’m feeling anxious, sluggish (in the morning) we’ll put the radio on, you can get it on your tv- I never knew this!! On sky just go on to any program tap in 999 then go up on the program changing button and loads of radio stations are on there. Don’t take the mic technologically minded people!!

8)Hugs – I am a hugger, anyone who knows me knows it. I genuinely think a hug can change your mood.

9) Eat iron rich food- kale you either love it or hate it but stick it in stirfrys or curries, you can even roast it and make kale crisps!!

10) Remember why you are feeling the way you are feeling… my diary has helped with this. Yes your kids may annoy you on any day of the month, or you may worry that you’ve upset someone at any time but your hormones will make stressors seem more stressful, patience levels non existent and anxiety flourish.

I also take Biocare AD206 and most recently primrose oil tablets which have also helped and I’m seeing my doctor to see if anything else can be done. Please note that the above have helped but haven’t cured my PMT.

And while I try my best the kids often takeover and I forget to do one or any of the above!

But then I remember one of the conversations I had with my councillor about the order of love, something which as a parent I find impossible but elements of it ring true.

She asked me to put in order my husband, my kids and me.

I said “my kids, husband then me”

She said that for the order of love to flow it needs to be me, my husband and then my kids.

At first I thought your kids always have to go first they have to be your priority, what on retrospect I think she was getting at is that you have to look after yourself so you can look after others properly.

So hug, listen to music and do one thing that’s completely for you. Because the happier you are the happier your children will be.


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