Give yourself a break..

We’ve had a really tough week this week, actually a tough couple of weeks.

Half term started with a dose of the flu. My little boy had it and then my Mum and then my daughter. We had two trips to the hospital, but the real difficulty has been my little girl has regressed by about 3 months.

Our beautiful children moved in with us 8 months ago, they have been the best and hardest months of my life.

For the first few months she would slap and bang her head off the floor. Always due to frustration. We managed to use signing for kind hands and it had pretty much stopped.

Well it is in full force again the last couple of days have been better but the other day from the moment she woke up she was crying, shrieking, or slapping. It was a school morning so there were moments when it was physically impossible to give her my full attention.

I could feel I was getting more and more stressed out. When we got to school and my little boy said “I love you Mummy, cheer up please” and looked at me in the way he does, I literally welled up and kept a brave face until I walked out of the classroom and then sobbed all the way to Sainsbury’s with my little girl in the buggy!

I realised that I’d taken it out on my little boy all morning, little things that either I’d normally let go of had been turned in to bigger issues and I’d told him off a lot!

I felt so so bad.  Luckily I was able to chat it through with my amazing husband, brother and Mum.

A few more tears and a lot of reassurance later I felt better.

It got me thinking about Mum’s who don’t have a support network,  if your reading this I think you are amazing and brave.

You’re probably given advice left right and centre. Follow your gut and when you’re  having a bad day remember so are a lot of mum’s.

Find someone to talk it through with, you’ll be reassured by how many people have been through the same or worse!

And give yourself a break, you’re doing the best you can, and despite appearances no one is the perfect parent.






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