Things I’ve Learnt About Toddlers

I’ve worked with children for years and of course that’s helped when I adopted our two amazing kids.. but working with and parenting children is so different especially with toddlers.

So here’s what I’ve learnt..

1)Their mood can be change by a swift change in the breeze… what I mean is, anything even seemingly trivial can take them from an angel to a devil in about 0.2 seconds.

2)There’s a delicate balance between awake, tired and overtired.. mess with the balance and you are in for it… which means not tiring them out too much or they will sleep anywhere.. but then if they get too overtired they might not sleep at all!

3)They believe they are 6ft tall and 10 years old.. now of course you don’t want to squash their confidence or creativity but for goodness sake of course they can’t go on an elevator all by themselves!

4)Saying no is like a red rag to a bull.. I try to think of other ways of saying no but sometimes the answer is no.. stand back everybody..  it’s about to go off!!!

5)Dinner times get interesting.. they like what they like and then little else.. and things have to be done in a specific way i.e the way they have their sandwiches cut or particular bowls or cups.. they’re beyond picky.

6)They will surprise you, refer to number 5 above.. you’ll go to a children’s party and watch them eat things they never normally would! I’m still not over my little girl eating that tuna sandwich!

7)Yoghurts (or their favourite food) can be used as leverage. The other day she refused to eat cheesy pasta at a restaurant so to stop the screams and slaps I gave in and gave her a yoghurt and a packet of crisps. She then began dipping the wotsits in the yoghurt,  because eating a piece of chicken or a carrot is disgusting but mango yoghurt and cheesy wotsits is the way forward!!

8)They will speak a language that possibly only you and your close circle will understand.. you’ll soon realise that but is boot and bah baby is bath baby, ga ga is Granny and a huge range of other unique vocab.. but for some reason NO will be pronounced as clear as day!!

9)Their levels of cleanliness will be baffling.. one day they will not mind if they are covered head to toe in mud, or avert your eyes for a second during a nappy change and the open pot of sudacreme will have been smeared across their face.. but when a dot of yoghurt falls on their top or the table you better drop whatever you are doing because this is technically the end of the world as we know it!!

10)They can disappear.. I genuinely pride myself on knowing wear my kids are we have rules for how far my older child can walk in front of me etc.. but even with all this my little girl can still disappear within a blink of an eye.. prime example the other day we were walking around Sainsbury’s one minute she was posing in front of the mirror by the time I’d taken a pack of vests from the display she’d disappeared.. she physically couldn’t of waddled very far so I just turned around and called her name.. I hear a giggle she’s hidden behind all the clothes.. hide and seek should be banned.. who knew they would start playing it without you knowing!!

All of the above happens daily.. but also everyday she makes me laugh, she does something new and sweet and caring that makes me love her a little bit more than the day before.

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