Living with Mum

There are 5 people in our house. My husband, me, Big Pig, Little Pig and my Mum aka Gran.

People often look surprised when I say our Mum lives with us.  They look even more surprised when my husband tells them.  Living with their mother in law,  they couldn’t do that.

Thing is, it works.  If it didn’t we wouldn’t be living together.  We love and respect each other too much for any of us to be unhappy with the living arrangement.

My Mum raised my brother and I on her own.  We are decent humans.  She did a good job.  I was ill for the majority of my childhood and young adult life.  My Mum was there through it all, she remembers more than I do. She even gets out the cyst photos occasionally (don’t do it again Mum they are as gross as those bloody awful spot videos on facebook!).

We are pretty co-dependent I’ll admit that. But I genuinely love her company.  She is witty and smart. She loves a glass or bottle of wine. She loves to have fun. She can instantly make me feel better just by looking at me.  I’m pretty sure we know what each other are thinking a lot of the time.

The kids adore her and having another stable adult figure in their everyday lives has helped them settle. She spoils them like a Gran.  She has a particular soft spot for Big Pig and he for her. It’s adorable.

I don’t think I could of coped as well without her in these last few months.  She has listened to me and supported me and let me have a nap when the kids have been up all night.  She tells me that I’m doing a good job, that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself and when my back is turned she is like some sort of freakish cleaning fairy and with a whiff of dettol she has steam cleaned the whole house.

My husband and Mum get on well. We rarely argue.  If we do it’s because one or other of us are over tired or unwell.  If we wind each other up we discuss it.

I don’t know if we’ll always be able to live together.  My Mum has raised her children and at times I think it is too much for her. Despite my efforts to keep the noise levels down, there is no chance of anyone sleeping through the morning shrieks of my beautiful but rowdy children.  We often talk about our options but I know we would never be far apart.

Mum if you read this, thank you, for all that you are, for all that you do.  Mothers Day is coming and there isn’t another Mother in this world that is greater than you.

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