Adoption as an Option?

Adoption as an option?
Not for me they say
But what if it was your only option?
Would you still say the same?
For me it was as clear as crystal, or how I know that rivers lead to the sea
It wasn’t a revelation, the idea was already a part of me
The process and searching seemed to take so long
Like a sad song that goes on and on
But all along our focus was clear
That the time for us to be parents would be coming near
Then there you were smiling right through the screen
We knew you were the ones for us, you were the most beautiful things we’d ever seen
And as we jumped over every hurdle I think everyone knew
That our hearts were already deeply connected to the both of you
Now 9 months since the day you moved in
Your our chaos and our calm
You can wind us up in a second, you can melt our hearts with your charm
But everyday we’re amazed by you both and how we’ve grown together
And I know that we will love you and fight for you forever

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