What to expect when you’re expecting and you’re sister is adopting.

When I was writing “What to expect when you’re expecting  adopting”. I asked my brother to write about what it was like for him and his wife to be expecting a baby when we were going through the adoption process.

Here it is:

My sister Ali had always been quite ill from an early age. Appendicitis when she was 7, ME, glandular fever and gall stones when she was slightly older. All of these unfortunately led to the fact that she would never be able to have children naturally.

Even when I read that it really pulls at my heart strings. Not being able to have children. As a father of our 7 month old daughter Esme, I know I am very very lucky. I can’t really comprehend what not being able to have children feels or looks like.

Honesty. There you go !

However, like most things the two of us do. When we think we want to do something that will help our lives become better in some way. We go head first, unrelenting into it.

Whether it is writing, developing relationships with those that matter or adopting children. Whatever ‘it’ is. We embrace it and make the best out of the situation that is presented.

That is what Ali and her husband did. They started looking into adoption. Reading those words back makes it sound easy, but it’s not. The journey was often bumpy and the outcome not always certain.

Please continue to read “My sister, adoption and my daughter Esme” over at Jon’s blog.

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