Where has a year gone?

You Dear Piglet and Big Pig

Where has a year gone??

It seems to have flown by but it also feels like you’ve always been with us.

You are both truly awesome. Even when you drive me crazy, I admire your spirit and know it will stand you both in good stead when you get older.

Big Pig when you arrived you wouldn’t be by yourself, you still don’t like it much but when you forget yourself it’s amazing to see you really play.

Piglet you’ve always quite liked your own company but the other day you took your friends hand and walked over Big Pigs school field. This was massive for you, you love cuddles and kisses from your Dad and I and now your grandparents, but you’d rather others kept at a distance!

And your walking. Well, your walking, running, jumping and dancing! We often strut around the kitchen dancing to random tunes.

Your speech was pretty non existent when you arrived but now you don’t stop talking and everything you say is so cute! You sing a lot! Our songs about baked beans and cream cheese have become well known to our neighbours! Who must think we’ve lost the plot!

Big Pig you’ve started school, you go to football club and you’ve made loads of friends. As for your cousins you love them so much and ask at least once a day when you are next going to see them. A highlight of our holiday was when you were speaking to a little girl who asked if you knew the other kids around you and you said “yes of course, they’re my family”.

You can read and write. You get bored by it but frankly I don’t blame you! (Biff and Kipper have a lot to answer for) I have video evidence of how I tried to encourage you to learn some words In a “fun” way! Sorry if me being stupid scars you for life.

I love it when we spend together just the two of us. Your in your element when you have our full focus. It must be hard having a younger sister who takes over but you are so so sweet with her. She adores you, when she was in hospital she asked for you all the time. You have a bond that will never compare to any other bond. I am best friends with my big brother. I hope that for you and Piglet. She’ll drive you crazy but keep your cool like you always do and you’ll be fine.

Piglet I wish you’d eat more than just dairy products and pasta. We are trying really hard at the moment to get you to try things, I’d love it if this time next year you tuck in to a roast dinner!

Big Pig I wish you’d let go. I bet you were the smartest and most responsible in your household for a big part of your life. I know you were the favourite and probably weren’t told no very often. I try not to say no and give you reasons but I can sometimes see you really struggle with giving in and keeping control of the situation. I hope you don’t think I’m being to hard on you. I adore you. I just want you to enjoy being a child and a brother.

We’ve still got plenty to work on. I’ve relaxed so much considering how I didn’t sleep for the first week because I thought you’d both stop breathing or something!

You make my heart swell with love. I’m so, so proud of you. You are both extremely resilient. You both make me laugh and are kind and considerate. The world isn’t a very nice place at the moment but our little world is pretty awesome.

Your Dad and I love you to the moon and back. And as you say Big Pig. We not only love you but we like you, a lot!



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