Best way to get round London with 6 kids? #askingforafriend

Bare in mind I am adverse to planning!

So over the summer holidays we went to London twice.

Both days were great but I tell you what, hats off to those breezy Mums walking down the Southbank with their buggies – do you know a route we did not? Because we went down three flights of stairs with two buggies and 4 kids 5 and under!

The first day in London was spontaneous. Big Pig and I went, just the two of us and we had a lovely day. It was tiring but only because we walked around half of London!

The second day was planned we went with friends to the science museum.

I’d never been there before, it was great! But so busy and hot. By the time we got to the maths area a very chirpy lady caught the eye of Big Pig and reeled him in with talk of board games and building your own dice!

When she also mentioned that there was “only 40 spaces” on the board my friend and I both did that nip it in the bud hand across throat action!

But it was too late one of the boys had the board the other had the dice! For the next 5 minutes we played the game but luckily they were easily lured away with talk of aeroplanes.

I then suggested we go to Southbank! Big Pig and I had been there on Monday and it was lovely. Strolling along, watching the performers, breezy!

On the second day it was quite
different. As we walked over Waterloo Bridge the heavens opened and there was a torrential down pour! We had to get the buggies down three flights of stairs. We took cover in some sort of archway and waited out the rain!

It stopped eventually and in the distance we saw the Snog bus. Piglet’s dreams were about to come true a bus selling yoghurts!

We then went to the play park where they burnt off a little bit of steam!

On to Giraffe, I hadn’t been there before it was lovely. I needed wine by this point so downed a glass while we juggled the kids and their food and drinks and Piglets frozen yoghurt induced sugar high, which resulted in her introducing herself to every table around us and then pegging it out of the open side door!

She’s developed a new love of “running away” which is so much fun. NOT!

Once we finished dinner we went to the train station!

Now I haven’t mentioned the trains yet. I was surprised every time we got down the bottom of the escalators that we’d all made it without injury. I also got way to excited if I saw a lift, actually not even just the lift but a sign for the lift! But some weren’t working and on a couple of occasions we waited so long for them that it would of been easier to go down the escalators!

By the time we got on the train home we were shattered. But we had had a lovely day, in between the trains and rain and buggy carrying we had loads of laughs and the kids had fun!

And it looks like our next day out will be a bit more local!



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