Never think that I don’t love you

Things have been really tricky with Big Pig the last few weeks.

We seem to have turned a corner but if im honest I know we will go through it again as his behaviour and boundary testing varies all the time but through it all and however hard he pushes I always make sure he knows that I love him no matter what.

I wrote this for him, love you so much Big Pig.

Never think that I don’t love you
When I shout or cry
Never think that I don’t love you
When you make me so mad I can’t look you in the eye
You see I will always love you until the end of time
I chose you, your everything, you will always be mine
Even when you ask me a question for the 100th time
Even when you hit me, or throw something, or say you wish you weren’t mine
Nothing that you say or do
Will stop me from loving you
No amount of trying to push me away
Will stop me from wanting to always stay
Near to you, loving you and keeping you safe
Your stuck with me now through good times and bad
We’ll laugh together we’ll make each other sad
We’ll probably say things that we don’t mean
We’ll probably shout, we may even scream
But never forget how I chose you
And how much you mean to me
You’re everything I dreamed of when I dreamt of a family

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