10 ways you know you’re a parent


I often thank the universe for wet wipes! Whether it’s a quick clean around the house before friends come or actually using them to wipe your children’a faces! They are a blessing and when you forget to take them out with you.. #shockhorror!


5yo “my (noisy, drive you crazy) toy’s not working”

Me “oh, must of run out of batteries, I’ll go and see if there are some”

I actually go and look, there may even be some batteries, but on my return..”sorry poppet, we’ve run out”.


Ever! Or you will get “the look” which is what happens when your child tells you that they’re hungry and you tell them that you don’t have any snacks. At this point I’d advise hiding.


This is not a complaint! I actually quite like that I care less about my appearance! I still put a bit of slap on for work and when I go “out out” but thanks to the kids it’s acceptable to look like slightly dishevelled!


I used to love shoes, now they can ruin my day, I expressed my feelings through this poem.


No amount of preparation can solve this problem. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and by the time you’ve left the house it starts to rain! #excellent


My Mum once said to me, “you’re only going away for a weekend, not a month”. Yes Mother but that makes no difference when you have to factor in; weather changes, car sickness, fussy eaters, favourite toys, night lights, monitors, travel cots.. I could go on!


Without yoghurts life would be harder,  of this I am certain. Peace treaty’s can be negotiated with Toddlers with a simple “shall I get you a yoghurt sweetheart” for me it’s a vodka with a bag of onion rings but that’s another story!


These above items have actually led me to tears. The lego and happy land people really hurt to stand on. The nerf bullets hurt when they are aimed at your butt and all three have brought me to tears when you have a “sort out” and find 427 of them scattered across the house.


You don’t sweat the small stuff – you don’t have time! Which has helped my state of mind massively. Children take over pretty much every area of your life. It’s beautiful and exhausting but petty stuff that bothered you before just won’t touch the sides.

Naptime Natter


  1. Looooooooool! These are great! And I’m not even there yet on a few of them since our little man is only 14 months old. But yes, yes, always yes to having wipes of some sort handy! They came in especially handy in the car the other day when I had a runaway nosebleed! Wipes: good for everyone. Lol.


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