That one time…

Memories, I’ve been looking back through a collection of photos and I’ve realised somethings that will never be the same again!

Here are some of my favourites!

Yup that is actual poo in the bath.

It was all going so well. The children were having a wonderful bath time.

Bath baby who features in the above photo was doing her best swimming and then suddenly Piglet pooped and it spread throughout the bath.

Big Pig became hysterical. I screamed for my husband. Who replied “ok just let me finish this battle” to which I replied “are you ffing serious there is actually shit in the bath” sorry kids.

But sometimes unsweary word are just not adequate.

You know those days that your feeling like a crap parent. Whose child doesn’t eat right or sleep right, or watches too much tv or doesn’t behave in public and on that day you blame yourself.

Then you maybe have the energy to try a little harder.. well my little harder results in the above.

It was meant to be a rainbow plate but everything we had in the house was the same colour, so I added a pack of fizzers for colour.

Whole point of a rainbow plate is fruit and vegetables, well we were all out of broccoli florets but I did find some mango!

We’d just been to the cafe and successfully managed to eat lunch without knocking any thing over or covering ourselves in bean juice.

Then on our way to the lift I was wooed by some M&S children’s wear and as my attention was diverted for a second or two I heard a crash.

My kids had knocked over one of the mannequins. As I then tried to pick it up the whole arm came off!

I was persuaded by the lady in customer services to just “leave it be”. Whilst an old lady came up the escalator opposite the drama and slightly screamed in shock, “it’s not real” I told her and she grabbed her husbands hand as he flapped his hand around her as if to calm her and she said “straight to the cafe love, I need a cup of tea”.

I brought the dress though. Guilt or fashion choice. I will never truly know!

This photo was taken only a couple of months after the kids moved in.

I’d sneaked off for a bath while my Mum was downstairs with Big Pig. I was just about to pluck my eyebrows when I realised my skin was rather unblemished.

I think I was going to take a photo of said unblemished skin when I was alerted by foot steps!

My peace was about to be broken as Big Pig barged in insisting that my bath was not “ready”. I had to add 4 ducks, a wind up boat and a frog before my relaxing experience was complete.

We were off on holiday to Devon and for those who experienced the British Summer of 2017, you would know that the weather was some what mixed.

So obviously I had to pack for every eventuality.

Matched with a long car journey and promises of regular bouts of car sickness, the kids had no clothes left in the house!

I promised myself I would cook homemade meals every day and that they would never eat chocolate or any refined sugar in fact.

Well that didn’t last long, so we celebrated failure with a plate of frozen left overs including turkey animals and potatobets (that’s my name for alphabet chips).

Every time I look at this photo I well up! Big Pig and I had gone to the woods and we’d done treasure hunts and built nests together, we’d had a picnic and we’d climbed a few trees (I say trees, it would be more accurate to say pile of twigs). When he sat down to have a break I asked him what his favourite moment was. He said “being with you”.

Don’t worry too much about the f bombs and how much you do or don’t do. What kids really need is you. Imperfect you. Who does what you can, occasionally messes up but offers unconditional love.

Mission Mindfulness

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  1. Hahaha! This had me giggling away… especially the rainbow plate! And then welling up at the end, such a sweet photo and thing to say to you. We are enough! Thank you so much for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky, I hope you can join in again next week 🙂 xxx


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