Ways to unwind during the chaos

Never get a moments peace and quiet. Welcome to parenting people!

But I have found a few sneaky ways where you can maybe get a few moments to unwind.

1)Ball Pits

They are actually quite comfortable. Yes you may get a ball in your face or trodden on by an over excited toddler, but if you snuggle in you’ll find it is in fact the only cool place to be in a soft play area and you might get a moment or two.

2) Playing  hospital role play – yup pretend to be sick, have your children care for you for a change. Yes you may get poked and prodded and they may try to force feed you milk with blueberries but you also get 5 minutes with your feet up.

3. Olympics – get yourself a clip board and a bit of paper and a “judges chair” and get the kids to do Olympic tasks. My husband recently built them a slide and they do slide olympics. They get right in to it “ta da’s” at the end and everything.

4) TV –  yeah sorry.. well no I am not sorry. Its ok to have a day or 2 where you slob about and stay in your pyjamas and watch movies or weird tv programs.

5)Watching the clouds go by- I have discovered that if Big Pig climbs in to bed with me we can stretch the actual getting up part for at least another 15-20 minutes watching the clouds pass by the window.

6)Hiding – yup you may be reading this and thinking I’ll never hide from my cute little baby well just wait until they are 5 and 2 and you just want to eat a sandwich and you know if they see your sandwich they will want to eat that sandwich. You will sneak in to a quiet area of the house and hide with that sandwich.

Do you have any others to add?

Mission Mindfulness


  1. #thesatsesh I love watching clouds and finding objects – seriously cathartic. You are alone on the ball pit idea, the words make me itchy lol. Next cloudy day though – I’m lying down and watching the world go by, literally 🙂 inspiring x


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