I know a lot of Mothers,

One of them is my own,

She taught me how to live my life with respect, kindness and love,

But oh so very often,

We start to doubt ourselves,

Comparing, criticising and judging one another and thinking we’re not good enough.

We spend a lot of time thinking how we could of done it better,

But we are getting up and getting on each and every day,

We are loving our children and spending time with them, helping them grow in so many ways.

So we need to stop worrying about doing absolutely everything right,

Stop looking for something that doesn’t exist, which is the perfect life.

If we do one thing well, then we’re doing great,

If we take time to ask our children which was the best part of their day,

They won’t say the clothes they wore or the fancy food we cooked,

They’ll say they loved the time you spent reading them books,

Or how you walked through the woods together and counted the clouds in the sky,

Or how they played in boxes and how much you laughed and smiled.

I know it isn’t easy, juggling the whole lot

But please don’t think you’re the only Mum who hasn’t got it together, because trust me you are not.

 Lucy At Home


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