An enduring bond. The best friend you’ll ever have; but why as young children do they spend more time arguing than they do getting along?

Take Monday for example; constant bickering, both winding each other up, then getting so upset at the other one.

They’d then storm off to have some time by themselves, to then automatically want each other’s attention again. At this point; it wouldn’t matter if it was positive or negative, so it could range from sweetly asking each other to play, to pulling the classic as I like to call it “ner, ner nee nee ner” face! Which is a tongue waggling out in the others direction when they think they have a slight advantage over the other.

Then there was the pasta incident!

They’d sat down for lunch had an argument about leg room, then about spoons (why have I not just got all blue bloody spoons?) Then cup size (why haven’t I got all the same sized cups), then whether Daddy was at work or not (which they both knew he wasn’t!) But then Piglets fussy eating took over and she refused to eat the pasta that she usually loves.

I tried various tactics; threats of no pudding, would she like to eat it on my lap? Would she like sauce on it? Everything option was refused.  I tried for a few more minutes and then gave up and went and threw it in the bin.


Then commenced screaming of which I’d never heard the like. “I am hungry, I want pasta” Say what?!?!

She was in turmoil over the bloody pasta that she never wanted. Then in strolled Big Pig and the 697 arguments they’d had in the previous 3 hours and 22 minutes were but a distant memory. “What did Mummy do?” He asked, “pasta, bin” she said. He gave her a hug and looked up at me in total disappointment; “Mum, look she’s crying” he said, “yes, I’m sad” she said!

Were they actually having a laugh? I had been picking up the pieces all morning and now I was in the wrong!

They got on like a house on fire for the rest of the day.

It got me thinking that maybe we argue with siblings when we’re young because we know that we can.

My brother sweetly reminded me of the time I whacked him over the shins with a tennis racket! Yes I did. But he had put some twigs in my hair! He could wind me up like a spring and I would be rather evil in return but I would of done anything for him and when we got on we got on so so well.

Now not only is he my brother but I really count him as one of my best friends. We can still wind each other up but we know now to sort it out and that we will always be there for each other.

So all though it can literally drive me to distraction, at least I know they trust each other enough to test the limits of their relationship.  I’ll continue to pick up the pieces and hopefully they’ll be more of the laughter and less of the arguments as time goes on!

Lucy At Home

Mission Mindfulness


  1. Sibling relationships must be some of the most complex in the world. It’s lovely that you and your brother are besties now. My sister and I are still not as close as I’d like and I do analyse it a lot as I want it to be different for my lot. And then we’ve got the twin thing too – an interesting dynamic to say the least! Yes, we just need to keep picking up the pieces but also letting them problem solve for themselves when possible too (when they’re not going to hurt each other I mean!!!). #thesatsesh xx

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