Playing happily with their balloons, not a care in the world..

20 minutes previously mind you, it was a whole different story.

Piglet had a black balloon in her bedroom she had played with it the day before. Big Pig decided he wanted it. Piglet wouldn’t give it up. Big Pig started screaming and went to cry in his room.

I asked Piglet if she could do a really kind thing and give it to him. She agreed but Big Pig was having none of it so I said to her to keep it if he wasn’t listening to her kind words.

Big Pig then decided he would listen, so I said it was up to Piglet. She stood close to him stroked him caringly and said very sweetly “too late” to this Big Pig screamed and stormed in to his room and went back to bed. Piglet then stormed in to her room and shut her door.

And me? I popped the balloon and went back to bed for 5 minutes!

Twenty minutes later they had another balloon each. Please note they are the same colour and not that it shows in the photo but they were each blown up using 7 even breaths to form the same sized balloons!

Rhyming with Wine


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