Why I got another tattoo!

When I was 17 my friend got her belly button pierced. Being a larger lady I decided that a belly button piercing was not for me and opted for a tattoo.

I was actually fully in love at the time.

He had style and charisma, his name was Robbie. Unfortunately my feelings were not reciprocated, in fact he didn’t even know who I was. Probably due to his busy career in the music world.

Robbie had tattoos, loads on his upper arm. I thought it would be a great idea to get some Chinese writing on my upper arm. I decided on the symbols women and lucky.

A few months later, a friend asked someone who read Chinese what my tattoo meant. It didn’t mean lucky. One part was women but the other symbol was courage. I was then known by many in the town I grew up in as Courage.

Others who saw it said it looked like a turtle, a plane and a square.

What everyone was in agreement about was that it was shit!

At this point I’d like to advise any teenagers or young adults who are in love, not to get a replica tattoo. Learn by my mistakes. I thought it might bring me closer to Robbie. But alas it did not.

So you’d think that I’d be put of tattoos for life. Absolutely not! But I promised myself the next time I got one it would have meaning.

My brother and I have just reunited with our sister. We haven’t seen each other in 35 years. But as soon as we met we clicked, we have crazy similarities and it’s just an absolute joy to be in her company.


We decided that we should have a weekend together without the kids to have some bonding time! We chose Manchester and then we thought it would be a good idea to get sibling tattoos!

And I love this one, we each have three triangles and one of the triangles is filled in depending on age.

I have zero decision making skills when it comes to tattoo’s and food! I wanted it on my finger but the tattooist said it wouldn’t heal well. So then I opted for my wrist. My brother got his on his wrist and my sister on her foot.

While we were in the tattoo parlour (ha ha is that what they are called?!?) three girls came in, and when they said what they wanted the guy went and got our design. They were best friends and were having the same tattoo!

What are the chances of that?!?

It was my brothers first tattoo and on leaving the erm parlour, he said that he felt “a bit more sexier and had a bit of an edge now!”

So funny!

We then proceeded through the streets of Manchester, going on a bar crawl and a search for Bupanthen! We didn’t find Bupanthen but we did have fun and told whoever would listen how we came to have our matching tattoos.

Lucy At Home


  1. I do not have any tattoos but love the sibling story and maybe I would have even considered one like that x


  2. I love your reason for the latest tattoo. Far better than to impress a boy!! But then I got a blue sun just because I thought blue would make it edgier and in turn make me cooler. It did not. I just have to constantly explain it to people.

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  3. I was 35 when I had the courage to get a tattoo. Very taboo as a Jewish person, what with the numbering from the Holocaust and all. But I had beaten the worst depression and was find ing love and fun and… I am barely Jewish, I practice Tai Chi! So we went to the tattoo parlor, my friends and I and I got a Kokopelli on my foot. Almost 20 years later, I am still pleased with that image and the memories it conjures up! Now, my Mrs. and me, we each have a tattoo on our wrist that I designed. It has the symbol for ‘om’ and says namaste. That was a Christmakah (Hannukah and Christmas) gift for us both. xoxo #BlogCrush xoxo


  4. Aaaw that is lovely! What a great story behind a fab tattoo! I don’t have any tattoos – the pain puts me off unfortunately! Haha #blogcrush


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