Dear mum who roll their eyes or tut..

Yes I realise my kids can be mental,
I realise they are very loud,
I realise they don’t often sit still,
And can annoy every other person in a crowd,
I also don’t think you might realise,
Exactly what they’ve been through,
And I certainly won’t be making excuses,
But I’d be careful if I was you,
As if you think for a second your children will never behave this way,
Then maybe you’re living on a cloud in cuckoo land and you will experience it some day,
Them throwing things up in to the air, farting and burping in public,
Shouting out noo noo as loud as they can,
Getting over excited and pushing their friends,
It will happen in some way to every parent and child,
They will all have a day or a week where they go a bit wild,
So next time you’re thinking of tutting or or rolling your eyes at another Mum,           Just be so kind and go and stick your disapproval right back up your bum!

 Lucy At Home



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