“Suck it up buttercup”


We have two Little Tikes cars. The kids loved them when we got them. Note the tense please as they have not played with them in months.

We need to have a clear out before Christmas and with the power of a local parents network they are being collected this afternoon.

The hubby cleaned them up last night. And they are as good as a couple of well used little tikes cars could be!

But whether it is the unusual lure of them being in the living room or whether it is because during another sort out she found her set of toy keys. Little Pig has not left her cars sight for the last 2 hours. She’s been shopping in it and insisted that it was parked next to her whilst she watched Moana.

Well in the words of Maui “suck it up buttercup” because due to 3874 babies, happy land characters and peppa pig figures there ain’t no room at the ranch (or detached home).

And with that she’s just fed it a piece of plastic sweetcorn! #evilmum

Mission Mindfulness


  1. I love this-sometimes stuff has just got to go! My children often get emotional about a six year old completely unused McDonald’s toy, only after it’s noticed in the charity shop box though. I have in past let them keep things but it has ended up dormant again shortly after-lesson learned! #thesatsesh


    • I keep reminding her that it’s going! She just turned around to me and said “bat I neyd it ta gotto werk” (I need it to go to work). I’m going to be in big trouble later! Xx


  2. #thesatsesh hahahaha I’m this Mum. I bin everything and anything – if it hasn’t moved in 48hrs I move it, and if the little dude hasn’t played with it – out it goes to charity! It is lovely when they rediscover old toys (obviously not so great when the toy is about to be collects), hope she forgives you quickly.


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