“Well at least you don’t have to go through labour”

This is a short and rather snappy post because I am fed up with people speaking before they think. 

We are all capable of it and I’m sure I have done it on occasions. 

But when it comes to parenting or motherhood just pipe down Gladys. No one asked for your opinion!

So here are the things I have had said to me, or others have been told and reported back.

“Well at least you don’t have to go through labour”

Because this was honestly the first thing to go through my mind when I found out I was infertile. 

“When are you starting a family” or “have you thought about having kids yet?”

Anyone we met after we’d been together for a few years and after we got married. 

“Oh I bet you would of preferred a girl” (or a boy if you’ve already got girls)

Gladys come on, you don’t know what struggle people have been through and they probably don’t care too much about the gender!

“I’ve had boys so I know what they can be like”

Gladys, you don’t know my boy. 

“Have you tried therapeutic parenting?”

Thanks Gladys but I don’t know you well  and you witnessed one event of his bad behaviour where I had to carry him away from dangering himself or others and really what I needed on the Monday after was for you to offer me parenting advice. 

“Have you cut down their sugar levels?”

They ate candy floss for breakfast is what I wanted to say!  (They didn’t by the way) It’s impossible to restrict everything. Moderation Gladys moderation. 

“At least you won’t get stretch marks

Actually Gladys I’ve got loads from my 7 operations and fluctuating weight.

”How the heck did she get that white hair?”

When she was born a fairy came down and dropped glitter in her hair Gladys and now it is silver.

“Don’t you want to work part time?“

No thanks Gladys I love my job and the balance it brings to my life. But thanks for ramping up my Mum guilt. 

“I’ll be glad to get my break times back“

A teacher assistant from my sons last school said this to me. It’s always stuck with me. I’ve worked with parents for years and I would never dreamed of saying anything like this. If you don’t like your job change it. And in the words of Maui “suck it up buttercup”.


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