Sibling Rivalry

My children are with out a doubt they are each other’s favourite people.

But when they are in close proximity with each other usually at home, the arguing is pretty constant.

So just call me Google mc googler because I have had enough and I am going to try and do some research on the online parenting tool.

Now I know google is not an online parenting tool but as we are not given a manual and I don’t have time to read books I find myself at the end of my tether and reaching to my phone.

Siblings are defined as children who live in the same family. Sibling rivalry can be found throughout history think the Gallagher brothers, Cinderella and her step sisters. Sure they had rock and roll, money and balls (Cinderella not Liam and Noel’s balls) to argue over but surely they were never offered different sized spoons, then they would of really lost their shit.

My children’s arguments are  based on 3 main subjects I shall refer to them as the 3 T’s.

1. Toys

2. TV

3. Tableware

The most popular one though can not be classified and I struggle to even explain it but it is arguing over non existent things. One will say to the other  “I have got a bigger balloon than you” (there is no balloon) the other will then cry out but “I want the balloon” (there is no balloon) I step in and say “there is no balloon guys” then they will start rambling something along the lines of; “but I had one in 1957 on a dark day in May”  no you didn’t you weren’t alive then.

Then somehow without a pigging balloon in sight they are both screaming at me; and I contemplate driving to McDonald to get myself a McFlurry and the children a sodding balloon. Two of course, in exactly the same colour and if the roaming person working at McDonalds hasn’t blown those bad boys up to the same size then I would consider asking her to; but no that’s just crazy behaviour.

We’ve gone slightly off the beaten track here so let’s return to Google, my parenting friend.. hey there though.. let’s not forget Siri.. let’s ask Siri. He’s an absolute legend.. 


Reading these 3 articles the common themes seem to be 

• Give each child time just with you and      them

• Don’t use labels – this can lead to competition.

• Teach them some peaceful resolution techniques – counting down from 10-1 when they get angry or frustrated. Encouraging them to say “I feel” and explain what annoys them.

• Stay out of it- ignore it and hopefully they will resolve it themselves, stepping in gives them more attention.

• If it escalates and you have to step in. Stay impartial, encourage them to use “I feel ..” statements and to try and to try to get them to come to a resolution themselves.

• If they still can’t resolve it a great idea I read is to “Put them in the same boat” Hand down a consequence, for instance, “Either you can take turns with the game, or I will put it away for the rest of the day.” Then follow through.

Right cheers Siri you beaut. I’m going to give these a go. To be honest I have tried a lot of these. But I intervene too much and I’m not consistent enough! I’ll let you know how I get on! 

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