A Photograph

“A camera is the save button for a minds eye” Roger Kingston.

But in this world of selfies and Instagram. I think we might have forgotten what the beauty of a photograph is all about. A moment caught in time. 

Photos are so important to us as a family. I started my Instagram account as a documentation of our journey to be adopters and then our journey as a family.

But somewhere along the way I got lost in the likes and follows and started to worry about what my “niche” was and why some of the larger accounts weren’t following me, when they were following other similar accounts.

I’ll say it to myself so you don’t have to “get a grip women”.

My children love photos they have photos of us as a family of their foster families and of their birth families.

They’ve recently taken an interest at looking at photo albums. My son is more quiet and thoughtful whereas my daughter is just delighted that she was ever a baby!

Tonight they were looking through a book from their foster carers and birth family and Thomas got really excited and said he had a surprise for me. He went down and got some of our wedding photos id given him and put them in the book. “All the people I love”.

And we worry about follows and likes. 

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